The process starts with a FREE discovery consultation where we discuss your needs and requirements with a Computerised Photographic Assessment to help you understand the possibilities.
Depending on your requirements we can customise and custom-make individual treatment plans to suit your dental requirements and budget.
You can opt for simple procedures to more complex involved treatment plans to produce your amazing new smile. We aim to answer your questions and provide you with advantages and disadvantages.
• We can also provide you with a computer-aided smile analysis, Xray and a handcrafted Trial Preview, whichy allows you to see your smile before we even touch your teeth.
• We also use Bite Analysis technology to ensure a long-lasting, comfortable and a healthy final result.

Are Lumineers Right For You?

What Are Lumineers?

Ultrathin Veneers, Durathin Veneers, and Lumineers involve no drilling and no injections since no tooth is being cut.

Lumineers are a type of veneer treatment that is able to solve a multitude of dental problems and issues. Easy to apply – they can be fitted in just two simple appointments.

A relaxed treatment option, Lumineers can be the perfect solution to fix discolored, chipped, and overlapping teeth.

With Lumineers patients can expect:

• Remove spacing and gaps

• Align crooked teeth (fast alternative to braces and orthodontic treatments)

• Reshaping of misshapen teeth

• Restore cracked teeth

Benefits and Advantages of Lumineers  

• It is a fast and efficient cosmetic system that enables a new smile to be created usually without any complexities.

• It is a more comfortable procedure and you can achieve an improved smile.

• The entire procedure is often painless, no anesthetic or drilling is required.

• There will be no sensitivity issues because no dentine will be exposed.

• The whole experience from the first visit to showing off your new smile is a quick, simple, and easy process.

• Suitable for worn chipped, crooked, stained teeth.

• Can be an additional treatment for renewing old dental work.

How Does process work?

We start with a thorough examination and assessment, then construct a personalized treatment plan from our diagnosis.

After this important step, we create a Trial Smile. This is a temporary smile fitted over your teeth for a few days.

This is a review appointment allowing for any necessary adjustments and thus giving you greater control of your end result.

Your final teeth will then be fitted and you will be left with your new, sparkling smile.

The review appointment gives you the opportunity to have any further refining cosmetic enhancements.